2016 and I’m Back

It’s been a while since I’ve shared ideas, rants and knowledge on Coding Color. The site has been dormant, it also has been migrated over from one host to another, and now finally getting a bit of a face lift. I’ve had my head down cracking out Ionic apps, messing around with the Mean Stack, poking at Heroku, designing in Sketch, sipping on Whiskey and making beats in my music studio. I know this little space of mine needed some love and attention and today I finally got around to fixing the database and getting my theme up and running. It needs a bit more work, but I promise you eager folks who are out in the interwebs running into issues, seeking info on resolutions, that I will be once again contributing to the community. I plan to cover my foray into React, the things that I come across Ionic, Node.js and Arduino. If any of you out there have ideas on what I should cover let me know and I will find time to write about it. Last but not least I leave you with the future, a.k.a the rise of the robots (skynet).

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