Typographical Tree – version 2.0

My visual study has come to an end. The typographical tree experiment has served its purpose. The latest iteration introduces a fade feature to animate each node onto screen and a tiny wee bit of motion to create more of an abstract texture for the typographical leaves. Overall, I think it is ready to place into the public domain so others can learn, or add to the experiment. Here’s an example of where it is now:

You can download the source code below. There are a few caveats that you must overcome before running the script. The first thing you must do is download and install the applications dependencies;


and second, create a Twitter API dev account to enable the search feature which will provide the application with data. Here’s a list of features (methods) included in the code that may be useful to your very own projects.

Inclusion of a HttpClient – this handles the client requests to the Twitter API.
Caching local JSON data and loading local JSON data – used to prevent the app from hitting Twitters rate limits.
A Timer class – we all need one of these.
File exists method – used to check for local JSON files.
Delete all files method – the ability to delete files from the local data folder.
Saving an image – the only way we can save the random abstract imagery the app creates.

That pretty much sums it up. Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD – Typographical Tree (327)

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