Flash CS4 Test Movie = Blank Screen

I’ve been freelancing at AKQA San Francisco for a few weeks and have experienced an annoying bug in the Flash CS4 IDE. I feel it warrants a posting, since, some of you may be experiencing the same issue with the IDE. As a flash developer you are dependent on testing (CTRL+ENTER) your movie locally versus in the browser, especially if you are creating animations or pixel pushing and want to see the changes immediately. I started to notice the bug sporadically when compiling my file. The flash player would display the stage and assets for a few seconds then go blank. I thought it was my code, so I started debugging, trying to figure out where the problem stemmed from. As I continued debugging, I noticed the issue becoming progressively worse, until I could no longer test the movie locally. I finally broke down and searched Google for the issue. I came across the Adobe forums where a few developers had reported the bug back in August of ’09. Thanks to the efforts of Adobe’s Jen Dehaan for tracking and elevating the issue within Adobe, they eventually offered a solution.

“The issue stemmed from creating dynamic bitmaps using ActionScript and tweening.

Whatever the case, we don’t have to deal with this annoying bug, just download the fix and you will be testing your movies in no time.
http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flash/updates/10_0_3/Flash_10_0_3_A dobeUpdate.dmg

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