Stay Gold

Back in the early 2000’s I use to notice Stay Gold stickers all around the city (San Francisco).

I inquired with in the local graffiti community to see if anyone would claim them, to my surprise no one really new who was pasting them about. So, I asked a friend, who is pretty much the ambassador of San Francisco, and soon found out, that the man behind the sticker was actually a local graphic designer by the name of Benny Gold. Benny is best known for his work with HUF and Mash. Benny has created the original identities, for both brands. I personally feel that he elevated the Huf brand when he was their in house designer. Benny’s client roster includes Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Real Skateboards, Ipath and DVS footwear. I keep my eye out for Benny’s work and so should you.

I think Benny deserves an honorable mention for being a San Franciscan taste maker and I wish him luck with his own personal brand.

Introducing Benny Gold

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