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I have been developing for the Flash platform since 1998. Throughout the years, I have read and heard endless commentary on the death of Flash. Groups of people hate it, are annoyed by it, complain that it crashes their computer, that it has no place in the mobile space, that it steals your girlfriend and eats your Cheerios. I mean come on, its probably the only client side language that is treated like a red headed step child.
I’ve even been teased by C# engineers for developing in Flash since it wasn’t a REAL programming language. I’ve weathered those storms and watched my peers get laid off because “we are taking the company into the cloud”.
Well, here we go again, the introduction of HTML5. Just because YouTube decides to try it out, a new Flash hater party is formed. Just to remind all the haters, the flash plugin was necessary to facilitate the cutting edge experiences we currently have on the web…(Like Porn..LOL). It seems HTML 5 video is not the same in all browsers due to licensing issues with the H.264 codec and whats up with browser compatibility..fun times. The real question is, will HTML 5 be outdated by the time it is actually released?
Is HTML 5 ready yet?

Well HTML 5, I welcome you to the game, and I will gladly add you to my bag of tools. You will most likely find me developing Flash on Adobe’s proprietary IDE, because when I make money they make money, its capitalism. Flash is here to stay even tho you got all the haters hyped up, I forgive you. Flash will live on, and when you are finally out and being showcased on the WWW, Flash will be making pancakes with hand gestures and booking hotels with face recognition, cause its cool.

Thank Brendan Lee for this rant!…oh yeah he’s taking time out from Flash to build his new site in HTML 5.

W3C Holds off on deploying HTML5 – and the saga continues.

Just watch!

This is a great article on the debate.
And here’s a well balanced article if you need to read more. My favorite up to date!


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