Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer, the city misses you. I remember the first day I met you with Scott, there was something about you that left a lasting impression.
Hannah is due to return to San Francisco for a group show at 111 Minna called “Love it or Leave it”. She is one prolific artist / illustrator to be reckoned with. You can get a feel for her work at www.grandarray.com. I love the use of her colors, especially the way they tend to blend and morph into shapes. Her recent illustrations are a bit dark which usually features rats, skeletons, snakes, but I dig that about her work.
She also has a great portfolio of commercial work. Hannah’s work reflects her personality to a tee, it’s DARK, MYSTICAL and RADIANT with a little bit of GANGSTER.
“Love It Or Leave It” artist reception is October 1, at 111 Minna, it’s a show not be missed. Hopefully she rolls up from the city of Angels in her gangster black and gold Cadillac.
Good luck Hannah.

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