CNMAT Workshop 08

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I attended the UC BERKELEY CNMAT (Center for New Music & Audio Technology) sensor Workshop. The workshop offered a hands-on survey of sensors, sensor interfaces and integration software and hardware for use in musical performance, dance, video, sound and art installations. We built our own sensors from raw materials including conductive fabric, piezoresistive fabric, conductive elastomers, conductive thread, carbon fiber and conductive heat-shrink tubing. We explored the major established and emerging sensor integration hardware platforms, especially the ones I was interested in, the Make Controller and Arduino. We used the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol for sensor data and synthesis patches in the programming platform Max/MSP/Jitter. We had lab “breakout sessions”, where the instructor helped students work on individual projects. I walked away with a lot of information and energy and overall had a good time geeking out. My only criticism is they (CNMAT) need to focus on the syllabus a bit more because it’s a lot of information to swallow, and I found I and some of the students getting lost in the lectures.

Sensor Workshop 08

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